Free Sample - Organic Ceremonial Matcha (2 x 2g)

A ceremonial grade Japanese matcha fit for a variety of matcha beverages like matcha tea, cold brew, matcha lattes and usucha.

  • Mild smooth taste with low bitterness – dark cacao notes
  • Pairs great with variety of plant milks
  • Proudly made in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan using First Harvest tea
  • 70mg of caffeine in one teaspoon
  • Certified organic under the Japanese Agricultural Organic Standards 
  • 2 x satchets of 2 grams each
Note: Please refrain from claiming more than one  per household. 

The best matcha beverages are the ones you make at home

Our Organic Ceremonial Matcha tastes delicious, is versatile, and provides great value. Not sure about that? Try it for yourself today. All we ask is that you tell us what you think after trying it.

Various matcha drinks like iced matcha tea and frothy matcha latte

All of our matcha is made of 100% Japanese matcha powder.

We are very proud of our product quality. From start to finish, we work with experienced farmers, processing factories and tea masters in famous tea producing regions of Japan to create unique matcha blends.

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We've helped hundreds of people enjoy matcha

There aren’t words to express how smooth this matcha is. It has a delicate and sweet undertone. The vegetal flavor is still relatively present but not overwhelming at all! The powder is such a vibrant green! This is something I look for in my matcha to determine the class and how to treat it. So I knew when I saw how leaf-green it was that it was going to be a real treat! Every sip I took triggered a memory of when I visited a teahouse for the first time in Tokyo, Japan during spring. Just amazing! I will be getting this matcha again for sure! This is the highest quality matcha I have tasted since I’d left Japan! So glad this exists!!

Bonsai.Tree (Amazon customer)