Surprise Giveaway

52 winners!

2 Lucky winners will stand a chance to win a Naoki Matcha Special Box worth more than $100!

50 participants with the best matcha story entry will receive a 25% off gift voucher that you can use over Black Friday Weekend! 


How to enter giveaway?

Fill in the form with your particulars and answer 1 simple question – tell us your matcha story!

Matcha wasn’t very popular until a few years ago. But somehow, we were led to give it a try because of what we saw online or heard from friends and loved ones. We’d love to know more about this story!

How did you hear about matcha? Did you like it the first time you tried it? If you didn’t, what made you try again and start to have it regularly after that? What’s your favorite method of consuming it now? Did this change over time? 

Everyone has a unique matcha story and we’d love to hear yours 🙂

2 Lucky Winners

will stand a chance to win a Naoki Matcha Special Box each

  • Superior Ceremonial Blend Matcha
  • Organic Ceremonial Blend Matcha
  • Cold Brew Jade Ceremonial Blend Matcha
  • Fragrant Yame Ceremonial Blend Matcha
  • Masters Collection Chiran Harvest Matcha
  • Bamboo whisk

This allows you to try different matcha blends each month for more than 6 months. 

superior ceremonial grade matcha 40g
cold brew jade ceremonial matcha 40g
yame ceremonial matcha 40g
master chiran matcha blend 40g
organic ceremonial matcha blend 40g

50 "Great Story" Prize Winners

will receive 25% off Naoki Matcha Black Friday voucher each

We will be selecting 50 Great Story Prize winners with the best matcha stories! Each winner will each receive an exclusive 25% off voucher on our entire site that they can use for Black Friday through Cyber Monday!