What the community thinks

🍃The powder is a beautiful vibrant green. It has a wonderful scent of umami, salty broccoli, light floral, and caramelized carrot. My first sip was pleasantly surprising. The tea is not bitter at all or with sharp over powering grassy notes.
I had a pretty intense burst of umami and fresh lingering vegetal taste and faint sweetness. No bitterness at all. Also creamy. I actually enjoyed it. 👍
This Uji Harmony blend has a lovely and fresh tea scent. The colour is also a more vibrant green which I like and it produces a harmonious taste of matcha which is nice to drink on its own too. Enjoyed the layers in taste which greet with a good taste of matcha followed by sweetness and umami and leaves a lingering pleasant aftertaste of tea.
Jen Mihara
It’s the most vibrant out of the three. A lovely jade green color (it might be a little hard to see in the pic) Right from opening the bag I can smell the roasted nuts and a strong umami. It tastes as strong as it smells, very umami, mild astringent (more than the other two), has a subtle notes of toasty nuts in the background!
Winnie Tin
And wow, is this ever a lovely matcha! Besides the vegetal and floral elements I already mentioned, there’s also a hint of butteriness to the taste - a creaminess I can hardly describe any other way. So, in other words, I loved it!
The most umami prominent seaweedy amongst all, light fragrance upon whisking, nutty profile packed with complexities. Overall is smooth, koicha was exceptionally creamy as compared to the rest.