Ceremonial Grade Matcha with a smooth, gentle flavor

Proudly made in Japan. Made with first harvest tea leaves selected for a gentle umami taste without bitterness.

Ceremonial Grade Matcha with a smooth and gentle flavor

Proudly made in Japan. Made with first harvest tea leaves selected for a gentle umami taste without bitterness.


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Why is everyone ditching coffee for matcha?

Because it does coffee’s job so much better, and can help you achieve a more productive life with less stress and anxiety.

Matcha has some caffeine (less than coffee but just enough to keep you energised).
Matcha has L-theanine, an amino acid that helps to keep you calm and focused.
Matcha is also rich in antioxidants and full of chlorophyll.

When you drink matcha, you get calm, focused energy that helps you seize the day and perform your best.

But what’s the problem with matcha?

Not all matcha is made equal! There is good matcha and bad matcha.

Bad matcha:

– has less L-theanine and amino acids.
– has an unpleasant, fishy note.
– usually also  tastes bitter and astringent.

If you choose the wrong matcha, it’s just not going to taste good on its own. 

But we believe that healthy foods should taste great! That’s the only way to make it a lasting change in your lifestyle. 


Naoki Matcha's Organic First Spring Blend Matcha

Are you looking for good matcha? Here is a ceremonial grade matcha that’s made from fine organic tea leaves selected by our tea master in Japan. No nonsense, no fluff, just quality organic matcha that’s made well and tastes good. 

How does it taste? Mellow umami notes balance out any unpleasant bitterness or astringency. This is the best way to start your day or to stay productive after lunch.

This matcha is also SAFE for consumption.
– We screen each crop of tea for heavy metals, pesticides, radiation, other chemical and biological toxins.
– We process this matcha at a factory certified to FSSC 22000 (the gold standard) for food safety.

This matcha is so delicious that it can be enjoyed NEAT or in a latte. Many customers enjoy this with reduced or even without sweeteners!

Feature Organic First Spring Blend Matcha Other "Ceremonial Grade" Matcha
Harvest Season First (Spring) First/Second (Spring/Summer)
Flavor Balanced, with mellow umami flavor and dark chocolate notes Varies
Safety 4 types of screening to ensure matcha is free from heavy metals, radiation, chemical pesticides, mold contamination Varies
Foam Abundant Varies
Shading At least 6 weeks using indirect and direct shade Varies
Picking/Grinding Machine Machine
Uses Latte, Tea, Usucha Latte, Tea
Price $0.42/gram; $0.84/serving At least $0.80/gram; $1.60/serving

Suitable for matcha teas and latte

So how do we get you good matcha?

It starts with the tea producers – farmers, factories and tea masters. Over the years, we’ve built up a strong partnership with tea producers in Japan. Specifically, Kagoshima. 

Kagoshima is a land full of fertile volcanic soil, rich in nutrients. It’s located at the southernmost tip of the main Japanese islands. Many tea growers there have perfected the art of growing tea under the shade over decades and centuries. 

Our main partner in Kagoshima specialises in high quality organic matcha, and after a careful process of selecting and blending tea leaves from 6 different varieties of tea plants, our Organic First Spring Blend Matcha was born.

Ready to try our Organic First Spring Blend Matcha?

We call it the “First Spring Blend” because it is exclusively made of first harvest tea leaves harvested in the spring. The leaves are full of nutrients accumulated over the winter, and the shaded growth before harvest intensifies the build up of amino acids within each leaf. 

This is best and most delicious way for you to quit coffee and get the most out of all of matcha’s benefits

Trusted by people who know tea

The gentleness of this tea makes it a good starter matcha. It is well balanced and not overly vegetal or marine leaning. It is a versatile tea as I enjoyed it both traditionally whisked, shaken with ice, and in an experimental cocktail. At less than $30 for 40g, it is also affordably priced.They are one of the few companies selling matcha on Amazon that I would actually buy from.
Nicole Wilson @teaformeplease
For those who specifically ask for good Matcha on Amazon, go for Naoki. It’s hard to find good Matcha there in between so much ‘Matcha noise’ and cheap quality ones.⁣
Daniela @teacachai
Tea Blogger and certified T.H.A.C Tea Sommelier

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Rated 4.6 over 600+ reviews on

Our Promise to You

If you encounter problems with your purchase, we are only an email away. We’ll do our best to help you find the best way to enjoy the matcha and are committed to sharing the best practices and tips for tasty matcha beverages.

Questions? We're happy to help

For matcha tea, we recommend a serving size of 2 grams. That gives you 20 servings of matcha tea per 40g can. However, everyone enjoys matcha differently. Some people use 1 gram of matcha powder per serving. In this case, the can will last for 40 servings.

Yes, our Organic Ceremonial Blend Matcha is Certified organic by the Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS), which is also  recognised by USDA. 

Our matcha is tested for radiation and heavy metals by third party laboratories. Each crop of tea is rigorously tested for different sources of contamination (including radiation and heavy metals), and the Japanese government also conducts their independent tests. We always ensure that the tea estates we work with have rigorous compliance and safety testing procedures in place. Rest assured that there is nothing to worry about. 

It is made from Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. 

We understand that matcha lattes are very popular these days, and in fact, have developed all our blends so that they can be prepared as lattes. However, we recommend you stick to either the Superior Blend or First Spring Blend (Organic) to make great matcha lattes. By using an affordable ceremonial grade matcha, you do not need to add as much sweetener since it is much less bitter.

If stored in an opaque, airtight container, matcha will remain fresh for about 12 months from the date it is ground. Once opened, we recommend consuming the matcha bag within 1-2 months. Refrigerating your matcha is also recommended to keep it fresh for a longer time.

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