Matcha Sampler Pack
(3 x 2g)

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Note: The samples are free, but we do ask that you pay $3 to cover shipping  (USPS First Class with Tracking). We ship samples to anywhere in the USA. We guarantee that the samples reach you in one piece.

Matcha Sampler Pack
(3 x 2g)

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could sample different matcha at a very low cost before committing to a full sized version?

Each of our sampler kits include 3 different blends of matcha. Give each of them a try, you might just find your new favorite matcha.

No auto-subscription, no tricks. Just the opportunity to try our matcha before you buy.

Note: The samples are free, but we do ask that you pay $3 to cover shipping (USPS First Class with Tracking). We ship samples to anywhere in the USA. We guarantee that the samples reach you in one piece.

3 x Matcha Sample Sachets (3 servings of 2 grams each). Restricted to 1 Per Household Address

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Discover your new favorite matcha

Different types of matcha come with their own unique flavor profiles. These can vary anywhere from light floral, sweet nuttiness, rich umami or vegetal notes.

Choosing the right matcha is important so that you can enjoy the perfect cup that best suits your taste preference and purpose.

And best way to choose is to try it yourself. 

Get Matcha Sampler Pack with 3 different types of matcha

Superior Blend Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Bold with a creamy texture and balanced umami. This versatile blend is perfect for matcha beginners or those looking to explore various types of matcha drinks

Fragrant Yame Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Buttery mouthfeel with a naturally sweet taste and some floral notes. Perfect when made as matcha tea or occasional lattes

Chiran Harvest Masters Collection Matcha

An exquisite blend that boasts a creamy texture with a unique nutty-umami flavor. Perfect for matcha enthusiasts looking for a refined matcha experience

100% matcha artfully blended by tea masters in Japan

Each of these matcha blends comes from different tea producing regions of Japan. But what do we mean by ‘blend’? Various types of green tea plant varietals can be made into matcha, and these varietals are called cultivars. 

A ‘blend’ comprises a few tea cultivars which are specially selected and blended by tea masters to achieve a desired flavor profile. 

This is why every matcha is unique. They have their own nuanced flavors, and certain blends are better suited for making different styles of matcha drinks. 

Those who enjoy matcha the traditional style may prefer the Fragrant Yame Ceremonial Grade Matcha or the Chiran Masters Collection Matcha. People who love matcha lattes with oat milk will enjoy the Fragrant Yame Ceremonial Grade Matcha, while those who still prefer dairy milk will love the Superior Blend Ceremonial Grade Matcha.

You may not like all 3, but you will definitely have a favorite.

What we hope for you

By trying our sampler pack, we hope that you’ll get to discover a new favorite matcha. 

People often say that it’s difficult to find decent quality matcha for less than $1/gram in the USA. We disagree.

Over the years, we have built a network of good tea growers and factories all over Japan. By going direct, we are able to bring you matcha that provide great flavor and value. 

The Tea Community approves of Naoki Matcha