How to make the best matcha green tea ice cream float

A fun recipe perfect for hot summer days. A refreshing, ice-cold matcha tea , topped with a scoop of ice cream to balance it out with some sweetness. A fun and easy way to enjoy matcha!

matcha green tea ice cream float

Enjoy a Matcha Float with friends and family

Summer isn’t summer without sweltering hot afternoons and of course, ice cream.  Here’s a refreshing matcha float recipe to make for your  loved ones at home on a lazy summer afternoon. 

The great thing about this delightful matcha ice cream float is that it’s a definite crowd pleaserEven if your guests have never tried matcha, they are probably quite likely to love this matcha float. This is one of the best matcha drink recipes for summer that everyone can enjoy. Besides, you don’t even need the traditional bamboo whisk to whip up the matcha!  

Easy matcha ice cream float with matcha tea

We love making quick and easy matcha drink recipes because we want people to enjoy matcha in different ways at the convenience of their own homes. This matcha ice cream float recipe is surprisingly easy to make as you only need two ingredients that you can easily find — matcha and ice cream!  

All we need for this deliciously simple matcha green tea ice cream float recipe is to make a chilled matcha tea and top it off with a scoop of cold ice cream!  

matcha green tea ice cream float ingredients

There’s never too much matcha for us, so we love using green tea ice cream. If you can’t find any green tea ice cream near your local store, you can also use vanilla ice creamor any nutty ice cream flavor like hazelnut or chocolate caramel. Soft serve will work perfectly fine too 

Recommended matcha blend for matcha green tea ice cream float

Any good quality matcha powder used for daily drinking would be a great pick to make the matcha tea. We recommend using our Superior Ceremonial Matcha Blend or Organic Ceremonial Matcha Blend for its delightfully smooth texture that pairs well with ice creams. These blends are also great for making matcha lattesmatcha smoothies and other matcha dessert recipes like matcha affogato

How to make the best matcha green tea ice cream float

matcha tea ice cream float on wooden tray


  • 1 tsp matcha powder 
  • 6.8 oz / 200 ml of water  
  • 1 scoop green tea ice cream 


First, we make matcha tea.  

1. In a transparent bottle, add in 1 tsp of matcha powder and 6.8 oz (200 ml) of  cold water

2. Close the bottle lid and shake the bottle vigorously for 30 seconds. Make sure there are no visible clumps.

3. Then, pour the matcha tea into a tall glass of ice. 

pouring matcha tea into a glass of iced for matcha float

5. Next, add in a scoop of green tea ice cream or vanilla ice cream. 

scooping matcha ice cream for matcha float

Enjoy your matcha green tea ice cream float! 

close up of ice cream float with matcha tea

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