The Easiest Matcha Latte Recipe

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Outside of Japan, most people’s first brush with matcha is usually the matcha latte. It’s now a regular fixture at most cafes and we think even people in Japan would be surprised at how popular the ubiquitous matcha latte has become overseas!

The alluring green color and fancy latte art may make the matcha latte look like a highbrow beverage. However, we assure you that it is in fact very easy to DIY at home if you are fine with forgoing fancy latte art. What’s more, making it yourself at home or at work easily reduces the costs by 70-80%!

And so we are happy to share with you the easiest matcha latte recipe you’ll ever find. All you need are 4 ingredients, an electric whisk, and a measuring jug.


1.5 tsp matcha powder

4 drops vanilla extract

1 tbsp brown sugar / sweetener of choice

1 cup milk of choice.

Tip: We like to use brown sugar and regular cow’s milk because we find that the brown sugar gives it a nice caramel touch and the cow’s milk makes it a hearty beverage with maximum thickness and creaminess. However, if you want to use alternative milks or sweeteners there is no rule against doing so!


1 electric milk frother

1 measuring jug / large cup

Tip: The secret to a good matcha latte is all about mixing the ingredients smoothly so you don’t get nasty clumpy matcha. To do this well you will need either a good electric milk frother or an immersion blender.


In a measuring jug, add sweetener and vanilla to milk and mix thoroughly.
Add 1.5 tsp of matcha powder into the milk mixture and mix thoroughly until consistent in texture .
Serve hot or iced.

For those that prefer learning through videos, we’ve also prepared a video below. Enjoy!

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