Cold Brew Jade Ceremonial Blend Matcha (40g)

(12 customer reviews)
(12 customer reviews)

This blend is made from leaves harvested in the mountainous Wazuka region. As a result, it has zero bitterness and astringency and is superbly refreshing when prepared as a cold brew. Perfect if you are new to matcha.

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12 reviews for Cold Brew Jade Ceremonial Blend Matcha (40g)

  1. Nilgar

    Green as hecc
    Refreshing as hecc
    But more imptly it is convenient as hecc!!

  2. MES

    Cold brew for the coming summer. I put a teaspoon of matcha and dissolve it with cold water.
    After that, I just throw in a couple of ice cubes, mint sprigs, lemon slices, some honey, and my afternoon drink
    is served. Refreshing ice cold matcha for the summer heat.

  3. Amanda

    Its was my first time drinking actual authentic matcha. I know the matcha craze has been going on and I’m
    kinda late to join in.

    Anyway, I got so excited upon receiving the can. The packaging has a beautiful
    deep green color and the lid has cool patterns. I opened the can and immediately sensed the earthy smell.
    Gotta admit, I got nervous at first as it might taste too bitter for me.
    I added cold water to a tsp of matcha. To my amazement, it was ver dewy-sweet and not bitter at all!

    Overall, I can say that my first matcha experience was delightful. I might try other matcha varities with a ‘stronger’
    flavor next time.

  4. Ali

    I am disappointed. Matcha should have a strong, earthy, bittersweet taste. This just tastes like sweet
    leaf. I am certainly not a fan of this.

  5. ninja88

    As a regular matcha drinker, I am used to the robust taste of matcha. This doesn’t have the taste I
    am looking for and quite different than what I am used to. Nonetheless, it really does dissolve in cold water

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This blend is made from leaves grown on a hillside in Wazuka town. The tea estate belongs to a third generation farming family who have just begun acquiring equipment to process their tea leaves into matcha powder. Because it’s grown high above sea level in the remote hill countryside on an incline of nearly 40 degrees, caring for and harvesting the tea plants makes for a very difficult process.

When shaken up into a cold brew, you’ll understand why it’s worth it. This blend is naturally sweet and very easy on the palate. Coupled with its excellent flavor profile, the Cold Brew Jade blend is capable of providing refreshment and relaxation.


40 grams


Wazuka, Uji, Kyoto Prefecture



Tasting Notes

Dewy sweet aftertaste with melon notes, zero bitterness and astringency.

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