Creative Culinary Blend Matcha (100g)

(11 customer reviews)
(11 customer reviews)

Unleash your creativity and use this blend for baking or making delicious matcha treats like smoothies, cakes and cookies. Also suitable for sweetened matcha lattes. Priced affordably for use as an ingredient.

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11 reviews for Creative Culinary Blend Matcha (100g)

  1. Sipho


  2. Ichigo

    Excited to try baking with matcha. Its my first time baking with matcha. Wish me luck! Btw, thanks for the good buy.

  3. Dave

    My friends and I are doing a bake sale this weekend and we have decided to sell some matcha cucpakes and cookies. However, we realized that matcha is quite expensive and sold only for a few grams. So we took a chance on this one since it was kinda affordable. P.S. We tried some taste test this afternoon, the cupcakes and cookies were awesome 🙂

  4. Jessica

    Still beats those overly sugary matcha drinks we get to buy in cafes. This has a stronger matcha taste, which I know is healthier for me..? Tastes good anyway

  5. theauthority

    Greener and tastier than most culinary grades but not that much cheaper than their other stuff. I think id just get their other stuff.

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This matcha is grown and fully produced in Uji, Kyoto under strict Japanese pesticide control standards. Even for culinary grade matchas, we only grind the tencha into matcha powder right before it leaves Japan for the USA.

Culinary matcha has all the wonderful nutrients and benefits of ceremonial grade matcha. Enjoy massive savings for your everyday matcha needs. When added as an ingredients to your green smoothies or your favourite dessert, our creative culinary matcha provides that distinct matcha flavor that will definitely blend well with your other ingredients.


100 grams


Uji Kyoto



Tasting Notes


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