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“The Aozora blend is a joy to sip, comforting, relaxing, a cozy sweater on a fall day, the perfect accompaniment to watching the leaves fall. It’s earthy and smooth as silk upon the tongue. It is not as sweet as the Noaki First Spring Blend, it’s deeper and more substantial. First Spring is a cheerful dancer, while Aozora is a philosophical poet.”

A single-origin organic matcha made from the mountainous Isagawa region in Shizuoka. Perfect for enjoying matcha tea, traditional style. 


1 tsp matcha, 2.5 oz water. Whisk with a bamboo whisk until frothy.

View full recipe. 

Matcha Tea

1 tsp matcha, 6 oz water. Mix using a milk frother.

Not the traditional preparation, but a great intro for those keen to explore a real matcha experience.

View full recipe. 

We recommend 1 tsp (2 grams) to make a cup of matcha tea. Our 40g pouch makes at least 20 cups of tea.

To prolong freshness, keep refrigerated once opened. We recommend finishing the tin within 1 -2 months after opening for the best experience. 

$25 really expensive for just over 1 oz of tea!

1 serving is actually only 2 grams (0.07 oz), and we hear that some people prefer to use just 1 gram to make tea. So a little matcha really goes a long way. 

Where is your tea grown?

Our products are made from tea that is 100% grown, harvested and processed in Japan.

I’m concerned about radiation and heavy metals in matcha! 

Short answer: there is no need to be. Each crop of tea is rigorously tested for different sources of contamination (including radiation and heavy metals), and the Japanese government also conducts their independent tests. Thus far, there is nothing to worry about. If you’d like more details, read them here.

Is your matcha organic?  

This matcha is not certified organic because we think non-organic tastes better. However we have organic options too. If you’d like to know more, we invite you to read this article.

What are the other ingredients in your matcha?

Just 100% matcha green tea powder. We call them “blends” because the tea master selects and blends together different tea leaves to achieve a specific taste outcome.  

Is this gluten free?

Our matcha only consists of tea leaves that are milled into a fine powder :)

Introducing our latest Aozora Matcha
Organically grown and sourced from the mountainous Isagawa region in Shizuoka.

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  1. First taste test: Aozora vsFirst Spring Organic:

    First Organic, which I like a lot, tastes a bit bland beside the Aozora. First is good, grassy, mild, with very slight bitterness. Aozora has a much stronger smell on the nose before sipping, slightly nutty (is that the right word?). Stronger flavor in every way. More bitterness, more umami, less grass. I definitely like it, but is it too bitter for every day? This is like the IPA of matchas, it’s great, but its intense flavor and bitterness might dull the taste buds for more common matchas, in the same way that after drinking IPAs for a while, all other beer tastes watery.

    Second taste test: Aozora vs Fragrant Yame

    Yame is so mild and (though delicious!) that I always think of it as the best “beginner matcha.” Nothing to offend anyone in Yame. It’s beautiful but lacks zip for an adventurous palate. By comparison, Aozora packs a punch. Nutty earthy smell before tasting. Bitter. A lot of character, but maybe too much for every day drinking, maybe for special occasions, or as a nice addition to alternate day-to-day with other blends so that the taste doesn’t become too familiar.

    Third taste test: Aozora vs Chiran Harvest

    I previously thought of Chiran Harvest as the “strong” tasting one of my collection, but compared to Aozora, it seems mild. Less nose, less nutty, less bitter than Aozora. Chiran is excellent, but it might fall into a gap in my needs: when I want smooth, I like Yame. When I want flavor, I like Aozora for a punch. The nutty flavor of Aozora keeps growing on me the more I try it.

  2. The Aozora is a bold and flavorful matcha, leaning slightly on the bitter side. It is definitely the most “nutty” tasting matcha I’ve had, so it’d be good with some milk I think. The smell is wonderful, but I’m not sure if I love the taste at first impression. I’ve had it a couple times now and I’m liking it better each time, so maybe it’s just an acquired taste.

  3. Overall, I really enjoyed this matcha!

    First, the packaging is simply stunning. So sleek and the all black with gold lettering gives off a luxurious feel – I’m obsessed.

    I prepared the matcha in two ways: ceremonial tea style and matcha latte. I couldn’t help but notice how bright green the matcha was.

    Finally, the taste. It starts off with a smooth, slightly grassy but sweet taste and finishes off with a nutty, almost-roasted afternote. Even in a latte, the nutty flavors shine. Highly recommend the Aozora matcha!

100% organically grown, pesticide free

Sourced from the mountainous Isagawa region in Shizuoka, where altitudes range from 300 to 600m, these tea plants thrive without the need for pesticides or chemicals thanks to the cool air and nutrient-rich soil. Additionally, the natural shades and slower growth at higher elevations yield an exceptionally flavorful tea. 

Specially crafted for matcha tea

When enjoyed as tea, this organic matcha boasts an extremely mellow and sweet flavor profile, alongside moderate roasty undertones. 

Important tips for enjoying high-grade Aozora Matcha

1. Sifting is required

Aozora Matcha is made using a traditional stone mill, and sometimes the matcha tends to clump up more than other grind methods. For some reason, the difference is much more perceivable for Aozora Matcha compared to other of our matcha.

2. Optimal water temperature: 149°F (65°C) or lower

To fully appreciate Aozora Matcha, we suggest using water at a temperature of 149°F (65°C) or lower. Our experiments revealed that the exceptional quality of Aozora Matcha truly shines within this specific range of water temperatures. 

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The Naoki Matcha Difference

We are constantly on the lookout for new places to get the finest matcha so we can share them with you. And thankfully, we found this unique tasting matcha from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. 

We work closely with producers from different tea regions in Japan (Uji & Kyoto, Kagoshima, Yame, Nishio) to find the best matcha at each price point.  That means you get a variety of matcha to choose from and the best price-to-quality ratio for matcha available online.  

Trusted by Tea Community

“I think this might go without saying, but I was thoroughly impressed by the care that Naoki had for matcha and their consumers experience. The amount of resourced available and versatile blends all create for a more knowledgeable consumer which can only help them with their matcha product choosing.” – Daniella @teacachai

Reviewed by people who know tea

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This single origin organic matcha has a nice fragrant with dry notes of nuts and plants, not grassy but it reminds me of greens & a slightly sweet, nutty like scent while whisking. It feels calm & reminds me of a morning misty forest vibe.

It’s smooth & creamy, slight buttery texture with a good amount of umami taste and a slight hint of astringency on the tongue. The overall taste is very gentle. I feel calm and relaxed that I think it’s great for the afternoon with some sponge cake.
I followed Naoki’s recommendation and prepared it at 150 F (always sifting the powder when adding it- it makes a big difference to avoid clumps).⁣

The resulting Matcha was great! Super smooth, with toasty and vegetal notes. Slightly sweet, but more Umami with a hint of bitterness-but pleasant, deep flavor! ⁣ Probably not a Matcha for beginners as I would tend to recommend a sweeter option, but definitely a great one to try for more advanced Matcha drinkers.
My favorite way to make this is traditional with warm water and whisking to form the luscious iridescent bubbles. For me, it highlights this delicate ceremonial grade matcha the best. The matcha is silky smooth, creamy, balanced umami, without bitterness. The notes I tasted from the powder were found in the cup. Exactly what I look for in a matcha.

Captured by @teacachai

Happy Matcha Monday with this iced umami bomb from @naokimatcha Single Origin Aozora Matcha from Shizuoka Japan 🇯🇵 Full bodied consistent vegetal roast and nice bite at the finish. Just like a bold cold coffee without the jitters!
Preparing at a lower water temperature (150°F) produces a mellow sip of a fresh green veggie. A little like spinach or asparagus. Especially noteworthy is at this temperature, I get little to no bitterness. As tea cools the taste is more of a very mellow and naturally sweet green vegetable. I don’t taste the roasted notes as much.

Changing the water temperatures to 165°F, a perfect balance of sweetness and a hint of grassiness with more roasted notes in the finish. At 175°, there is a “slight” bite of bitterness but by no means unpleasant.
Aozora’s fragrance is sharp like black peppercorn with roasted pistachio and floral undertones. I find the fragrance translates well to the taste. Taking the first sips, you are met with a creaminess on the front of the tongue that quickly turns moderately astringent toward the middle. The astringency gradually falls off and is replaced with a subtle umami that softens everything. The aftertaste sticks around with waves of umami and burnt caramel. Very pleasant!
The Aozora Matcha smells like green vegetable broth with umami, cream,slight carmal,grass new growth, and floral. The flavor is broccoli and mild green bean. The umami and creamy texture makes up the broth. It is seasoned with salt. The flavors are slow cooked with slight nuttiness. The grassy and floral notes are fresh and lifts the deeper notes to create an interesting and balanced broth. There is a slight sharpness from the floral and it tastes healthy and hardy. Aozora is a beautiful matcha and I love matcha that reminds me of soup. I find it delicious!

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