Ujitawara Special Blend Matcha (1.4 oz / 40g)

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“This matcha is far superior to some of the other standard brands I drink, and so the slight increase in price is justified. It produces a rich and creamy matcha that isn’t bitter. In the future when I’m looking to treat myself, I’ll definitely splurge on Naoki’s seasonal harvests.” – Michael

This matcha is proudly made by a respected matcha producer in Uji city using tea from the Kyoto region. A blend of different tea cultivars (notably: Uji Hikari, Gokou), this refined tasting matcha boasts a mellow flavor with a gentle sweetness and a lasting umami note. Pick this blend for a truly refined matcha experience at home.

We recommend 1 tsp (2 grams) to make a cup of matcha tea or half a cup of matcha latte. Our 40g tin makes at least 20 cups of tea.

To prolong freshness, keep refrigerated once opened. We recommend finishing the tin within 1 -2 months after opening for the best experience. 


1 tsp matcha, 2.5 oz water. Whisk with a bamboo whisk until frothy.

View full recipe.  


1 tsp matcha, 1.5 oz water. Carefully whisk with a bamboo whisk until frothy.

View full recipe. 


$25 really expensive for just over 1 oz of tea!

1 serving is actually only 2 grams (0.07 oz), and we hear that some people prefer to use just 1 gram to make tea. So a little matcha really goes a long way. 

Where is your tea grown?

Our products are made from tea that is 100% grown, harvested and processed in Japan.

I’m concerned about radiation and heavy metals in matcha! 

Short answer: there is no need to be. Each crop of tea is rigorously tested for different sources of contamination (including radiation and heavy metals), and the Japanese government also conducts their independent tests. Thus far, there is nothing to worry about. If you’d like more details, read them here.

Is your matcha organic?  

This matcha is not certified organic because we think non-organic tastes better. However we have organic options too. If you’d like to know more, we invite you to read this article.

What are the other ingredients in your matcha?

Just 100% matcha green tea powder. We call them “blends” because the tea master selects and blends together different tea leaves to achieve a specific taste outcome.  

Is this gluten free?

Our matcha only consists of tea leaves that are milled into a fine powder :)

Suitable for usucha and koicha

Our Masters Collection Matcha is grown by reputable tea producers from different regions of Japan. Experience some of the best matcha from revered tea regions like Nishio, Uji and Chiran. 

Each blend of matcha in this collection is suitable for usucha and koicha. Experiment with different water temperatures, volumes and techniques and enjoy the difference nuances between each of these matcha blends.

Better energy and focus, without worry

Whether you enjoy matcha as a better coffee alternative, for relaxation, for general wellness or just love the taste, we would like you to do so with peace of mind. 

Each crop of tea used to make matcha is put to a rigorous set of tests to screen out any toxins and heavy metals, and the facilities used to pack the tea in Japan are certified to FSSC 22000, the gold standard in Food Safety Management Systems. 

Japanese quality since 1191

Not all matcha is made equal, and that’s why we spent years building relationships with some of the best tea estates, processing plants and tea masters in Japan so that we have access to some of the best tasting matcha around. 

Trusted by Tea Community

“I think this might go without saying, but I was thoroughly impressed by the care that Naoki had for matcha and their consumers experience. The amount of resourced available and versatile blends all create for a more knowledgeable consumer which can only help them with their matcha product choosing.” – Daniella @teacachai

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“If you’re like me and you have trouble finding a good quality matcha in person and are trusting Amazon reviews for some direction: trust me, this is the best matcha on Amazon! I’ve tried many of the premium/so-called premium matcha brands on Amazon and none of them beat this one.” – Sooz

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  1. Haven’t tried yet, but I’m sure it will be just as wofantastic as all the other Matcha’s Naoki makes

Get better energy and focus with Naoki Matcha

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Grassy Notes
Grassy Notes
@Grassy Notes
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As a traditional usucha preparation, the umami and vegetal notes are closely linked together and can be difficult to tell apart, but the finish is long and this is where the umami becomes clearly pronounced. The umami is strong and unlike any matcha I’ve tasted before.
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For those who specifically ask for good Matcha on Amazon, go for Naoki. It’s hard to find good Matcha there in between so much ‘Matcha noise’ and cheap quality ones.⁣
@Tea For Me Please
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They are one of the few companies selling matcha on Amazon that I would actually buy from.
@ My Japanese Green Tea Blog
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It is very creamy, and has a good umami taste. But it is nevertheless sweet and has a long aftertaste. Of course, it isn’t bitter at all. I consider it to be a very smooth matcha. It’s hard for me to explain, but the taste is quite original.

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