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I was surprised how much I enjoyed this brand of Matcha. I expected less due to the cheaper cost. But in fact, Naoki matcha powder was the smoothest and most velvet-like I have used. It goes through my strainer with very little help, almost no clumps, and whisks perfectly with water. I have found almost no bitter after-taste like I’ve experienced with other brands. To those complaining about the bag…. I just cut open the bag and poured it into the tin and have used it like that with no problem. I can honestly say I have found a new favorite. I’m glad I took a chance and tried Naoki! 

C Archbold


So when I first looked to Amazon to order my usual batch of tea I happen to see the Naoki brand Matcha. I looked at the reviews and pictures they had on display and said o.k let me give this brand a try. I am content with the brand I currently purchase because I have not found any other brand as good. So I order the Naoki and to my surprise not only was there way more in the container, the color of the Matcha was vibrant and the aroma was light yet alluring. I took my smallest measuring spoon and spooned out some and tasted the product and I was shocked. The quality was rather good. I then proceeded to make me a cup of Matcha and I have to say this brand has some quality backing it. I will be trying their other ceremonial MATCHA products. Great job Naoki…You all have a new customer on board.

C Huang

This was my first time purchasing Naoki. I drink matcha regularly but knew very little about quality up until I purchased this. It is very fine compared to the store bought ones Ive purchased before from the organic/health store. A little is going to definitely last me a long time. The color is very bright, the taste is very earthly, if that makes sense. I usually mix it with my collagen powder and I have had no problems with whisking. I expected clumps but nothing yet. Im definitely going to keep buying. Did I mention the packaging is impressive, Im not into the big bag look. I like to keep this in the office or on the go. Looks just elegant. Sasha H

I have been drinking matcha for about a year now and I can say the Naoki brand is the finest ground and dissolves in the water better than other brands I have tried. There is truly a difference in the quality of Naoki than the cheaper brands of matcha. 

Rico M

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