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Article: A tasty breakfast with Matcha Spread recipe

A tasty breakfast with Matcha Spread recipe

A tasty breakfast with Matcha Spread recipe

Matcha and strawberries? We tried making a matcha spread and dipped some strawberries in it. The matcha spread was delicious, rich and just the right amount of bittersweet. With only a few ingredients, this easy matcha spread recipe will satisfy your matcha cravings and provide another interesting way of enjoying strawberries! A fantastic start to any morning.

When regular chocolate spreads or nut butters get boring, why not try a matcha spread? It’s got all of the creamy textures you find in typical spreads but includes an incredible matcha twist. We found  Sift & Simmer’s  recipe and gave it a shot and now have a new spread to include in our breakfast lineup. 

All you need are these few ingredients to make our matcha milk spread –matcha powder, milk, cream and sugar. The best thing about homemade recipes is that you’re in full control of the ingredientsespecially the amount of sugar put in. For those who are health conscious, you can totally go slow on the sugar for this matcha spread recipe. Besides, our matcha milk spread makes a great energy-boosting breakfast because it’s matcha!  

If you’re game for a quick, tasty and wholesome breakfast, our matcha jam is the way to go. This matcha milk spread also goes on smooth and pairs well with all kinds of breads, crepespancakes and fruit!   


Besides the usual Nutella or nut butter spreads, a matcha spread is made with mostly milk, cream, sugar and of course, matcha.

If you’re wondering whether green tea milk spread is available over the counter, yes they do. However, most of them contain a high percentage of sugar which can be a big concern to those who are health conscious. With our homemade matcha spread recipe, it allows you to adjust the taste to your likings without having to feel so guilty about the added sugar.


For this matcha spread recipe, we recommend using a good culinary matcha blend for baking. As culinary blends have a more pronounced bitter taste, the sweetness from the milk and sugar in this matcha milk spread recipe will balance it out perfectly.  

Hence, we will be using our new Latte Blend Premium Culinary Grade Matcha. The vibrant green of this blend will shine through your matcha spread, along a distinctive matcha flavor. We’ve also made other tasty baked recipes like matcha cookie and matcha financiers with this amazing blend!


Our matcha spread recipe will take about half an hour to make, but the time taken is worth it as you’ll soon be able to enjoy a quick, tasty and energy-boosting breakfast on the daily! Besides the listed ingredients, you will also need a small saucepan or a pot, a bowl, a whisk and a jar for you to pour in your matcha spread.


  • 2 tbsp matcha powder
  • 1 tsp dry milk powder (skim or whole)
  • 4 oz/118 ml heavy cream
  • 4 oz/118 ml whole cream
  • 3 tsp granulated sugar
  • 2 oz/60 ml hot water 


1.First, sift the matcha powder into a bowl to avoid any clumps.

2. Add hot water into the bowl of matcha powder and stir them together. Then, pour in the granulated sugar and milk powder, and continue stirring until all ingredients are evenly combined.

3. In a saucepan at medium heat, add in the whole milk and the heavy cream together and bring it to a simmer.

4. Then, gradually pour in the matcha mixture over a sieve into the hot saucepan to ensure that there are no clumps.

5. Keep whisking for about 20 minutes from time to time until the mixture has thickened and reduced by half. The mixture should have a smooth and creamy texture.

6. Once it has thickened enough, turn off the heat and leave the matcha spread to cool. Tip: If you’re able to see a visible line when you scrape your pan with a spoon, it means it’s thick enough and ready to cool.

7. Once the matcha spread is cooled, you can pour it in a jar and refrigerate it for about a week. 

Enjoy your matcha spread with breakfast the next day!