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Article: Make refreshing iced Matcha Coconut Water to beat the summer heat

Make refreshing iced Matcha Coconut Water to beat the summer heat

Make refreshing iced Matcha Coconut Water to beat the summer heat

Matcha green tea and coconut water makes the perfect combination to cool down under the sweltering heat. This Matcha Coconut Water recipe is not only refreshing, but also a great energy booster to shake off that afternoon slump.

We made this Matcha Coconut Water as a quick and refreshing drink to beat the summer heat. The mild sweetness from coconut water and pleasant bittersweetness from matcha makes for a delicious drink that’s loaded with amazing benefits. You can expect to feel refreshed energized, and relaxed after a few sips of this delightful drink.

That’s because coconut water has great amounts of electrolytes, while matcha has energy boosting and calming effects thanks to the great combination of caffeine and L-theanine amino acids.

If you’re trying to reduce excess sugar intake, this Matcha Coconut Water is also one of the best recipes to enjoy matcha with no added sweetener! Coconut water is naturally sweet with a fresh hint of nutty taste. Adding matcha with coconut water gives it a tropical twist that can easily be enjoyed by everyone. 

So if you’re just starting out with matcha, this recipe will give you an easy introduction to matcha’s flavours.


What we love about this matcha coconut water recipe is that it’s very fuss-free and quick to prepare. Whether you’re home, at the office or enjoying your summer activities, it is really simple to prepare this recipe.

All you have to do is add coconut water, a little more plain water, and matcha in a bottle and shake it altogether. This makes the perfect go-to recipe if you need a refreshing drink, or a pick-me-up post lunch booster to help you fuel through the day.


You can definitely rely on this delightful matcha coconut water for an energy boost thanks to matcha. Just like coffee, matcha contains caffeine. While matcha has less caffeine than coffee per serving, matcha also has L-theanine and other amino acids. L-theanine provides a calming, focusing effect that moderates the energy spike from coffee.

That means you get a gentle lift in mood, focus and energy that lasts for awhile instead of the usual spike and crash you tend to get with coffee.

When you swap from matcha to coffee, you avoid the jitters and palpitating heart rate that you sometimes get with coffee. So if you have ever wanted to reduce your coffee intake, matcha could be your answer as a great coffee alternative. If you had a tasty heavy lunch, preparing this simple recipe will provide a boost for the rest of your day.


Matcha has caffeine, but generally has less caffeine per serving compared to coffee. A standard teaspoon of matcha contains about 50-70 mg of caffeine. In this matcha coconut water recipe, we used 1 teaspoon / 2 grams of our Superior Blend Matcha which has a total of about 60 mg of caffeine.

Depending on the type of coffee and how it’s brewed, the equivalent amount of brewed coffee contains about 140 mg of caffeine. The effects of 120 mg of caffeine in 2 teaspoons / 4 grams of matcha is also moderated by approximately 70-90 milligrams of L-theanine.

While caffeine produces adrenaline, L-theanine helps to deliver a sense of calmness and alertness. This great combination is what wards off the unpleasant, frantic jitters we sometimes get from too much coffee.


For this recipe, we will be showing you how to make the Matcha Coconut Water using the whisk method.

If you’re going for convenience, the bottle shaking method makes the perfect go-to. Just add matcha, cold coconut water and a little bit of water to the bottle and shake them together until all the clumps are dissolved. 


  • 7 oz (230 ml) coconut water
  • 1 tsp matcha powder (Superior Blend matcha)
  • 1.5 oz (60 ml) of water


1. In a glass, pour in some ice cubes and 7 oz (230 ml) of coconut water.

2. Add 1.5 oz (60 ml) of water and 1 tsp of matcha into a bowl and whisk it up using a bamboo whisk.

3. Pour the matcha mixture into the glass of cold coconut water. Mix well.

4. Enjoy your Matcha coconut water to beat the summer heat!