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We cannot accept returns because our items are food items. However, if you are dissatisfied in any way, please reach out to us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some common questions posed by customers which we think you may find useful.

Just 100% green tea matcha powder from Japan, nothing else.
There is no soy in our products, and all our teas are processed at facilities processing only green tea. 
The short answer is, it depends. We recommend a serving size of 1 gram. That gives you 40 servings of matcha tea per 40g can. However, everyone enjoys matcha differently. Depending on how thick you like your matcha tea, you may use up to 2 grams of matcha powder per serving. In this case, the can will last for 20 servings.
We’ve never liked rigid rules for enjoying matcha – what we recommend is to try it and have it again if you like it! Some of our customers like making koicha with the Superior Ceremonial blend, others do not. For those who did not, they ended up enjoying the Kagoshima First Harvest blend for their koicha needs.
Our matcha is comprised of 100%matcha powder and there are no additives or sweeteners.
We have tested our product regularly for lead and radioactive caesium since 2012 with very conclusive results of no radiation. 
Please also be assured as Uji, Kyoto is 500km away from the Fukishima area, with mountain ranges in between. It is quite a distance away. 
Our matcha is tested regularly by a 3rd-Party New Zealand Laboratory for pesticides and have no suspicious results was observed. Similarly, the matcha is also tested for heavy metals such as Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead and Mecury with no observed suspicious result. 
A gram of matcha (or half a teaspoon) contains about 29-32 mg of caffeine per 3.4 ounce of water.
The key difference is that we enjoy a close working relationship with many esteemed tea estates, blenders, and production facilities all over Japan. This means we get access to the best stuff that’s not usually exported outside Japan at the absolute best prices. You’ll have to taste and see!
We recommend an entry-level ceremonial grade or a more premium culinary grade. Our Superior Ceremonial blend, which is meant for everyday daily use, is excellent for matcha lattes. Lattes include milk and sometimes sweetener, so while that provides some additional flavors, you still can’t hide astringency and bitterness found in lower grade culinary matchas.
If making a smoothie bowl or some kind of shake with low sugar content, we recommend you use a ceremonial grade blend. Because smoothies bowls and shakes usually rely on natural fruit sugars for a subtle sweetness, any astringency or excess bitterness in matcha will be very apparent.
If you’re baking matcha flavored cookies, cakes or desserts, a culinary grade matcha will do nicely. Chances are, baking recipes include sugar. Using a more expensive grade would be a waste of your money because the sugar and other ingredients would drown out the subtler flavors and aromas in more expensive blends. We formulated our creative culinary grade for this exact reason – all of that essential matcha flavor, at a reasonable price!
There’s nothing chemically different between the caffeine in coffee and matcha. However, other compounds in matcha causes caffeine to be released more slowly. The result is that matcha’s caffeine boost lasts for 4-6 hours. Coffee will only provide a caffeine boost for up to 2 hours. Because matcha’s caffeine release is gentler, you also don’t get the sudden “caffeine crash” after 2 hours you typically experience with coffee.
After being ground into powder, matcha should be consumed within 12 months. Our matcha displays the date of production prominently so you may keep track. However, be sure to note the storage instructions below!
We recommend you clip the packets close after opening. If you prefer to pour the matcha powder into the can for easier access, that is fine too. We should then refrigerate the packet/can. Matcha keeps best when it is stored away from heat and light to reduce the rate of oxidation.

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