Directions for use

Congratulations! You’ve received your matcha. If this is your first time, how to carry on from here may not be very intuitive. This article should provide some help.

Unboxing your matcha

Most of our matcha come in sealed foil bags packed into our cans. To open, first remove the lid of the can. Next, gently remove the foil bag from the can.

To keep things need, use a pair of scissors to cut a little off the top of the foil bag. If you try to tear the bag open apart with your hands, there’s a chance the sudden movement will send matcha powder flying everywhere. Do not do that. Do this instead:

How to store

To store your matcha, fold the top down twice and fasten it down with a paperclip or other clip, like so:

You can pour the contents of the packet into the tin if you like. Personally, we prefer the cut and fold method because it is neat and orderly. We like to put the folded foil bag back into the can.

Matcha loses flavor with oxidation, so it is best to store it in a way that slows oxidation. We recommend storing matcha in the fridge. After opening, it is best consumed within the next month.

If left sealed and unopened, our matcha will keep its flavor for about a year after the date of production. This is indicated on each can.

How to enjoy

Finally, we reach the important part. How to enjoy your matcha.

If you like matcha tea, we have prepared a set of recipes on thin matcha tea (usucha), thick matcha tea (koicha), and various other styles that we have tried preparing. If you’re not sure or want to learn more, read our primer on matcha teas. Even though it is just matcha powder and water, the different methods of preparation and concentrations of matcha powder will lead to very different experiences and tastes!

If you like matcha latte, we have also set up a resource page with great, easy recipes to follow. The recipe teaches you how to make a cafe style matcha latte, and also provides some guidance on possible tweaks.

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