Learn different ways of enjoying matcha. Beyond the traditional usucha or koicha, there are many ways of enjoying matcha. We never believed in keeping with strict tradition, and here you will find many novel ways in which you can bake and create with matcha.

How to make Cold Brew Matcha (Iced Matcha) in under a minute

Some people call it cold brew matcha, some others call it iced matcha. Regardless of what you call it,  matcha and cold water mixed together …

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How to make a Matcha Shot

The matcha shot is made up of hot water and matcha. It’s called a “matcha shot” because it resembles an espresso shot. Just like an …

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How to make Matcha Tea easily

What is matcha tea, is it just another type of matcha drink? Matcha tea just refers to a category of matcha drinks made with match …

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How to prepare Usucha and Koicha

Usucha and Koicha are the two traditional ways of preparing matcha. Usucha means “thin tea”, while koicha means “thick tea”. Before matcha exploded in popularity …

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Aesthetic Iced Matcha Latte

If you can pour water, you can make this beautiful matcha latte

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oat milk matcha latte

Iced Oat Milk Matcha Latte

The tastiest, most foolproof way to make a matcha latte to rival anything available at a cafe

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