Our Classic Matcha Latte Recipe

Making this at home is actually very easy. All you need is a little patience to heat up the milk. If you have a milk frothing machine, this recipe is even easier! After repeated experiments, we settled on this ratio of matcha, milk and sweetener to create a matcha latte that is smooth, just a tad sweet, and most importantly, has a great matcha flavor.

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Which matcha to use for matcha lattes?

We get this question all the time. The optimal choice is to use either our Superior Ceremonial Matcha or Organic Ceremonial Matcha. These are incredibly versatile blends that allow you to make an affordable matcha latte with reduced levels of sweetener. Just note that the Organic Ceremonial Matcha has an overall lighter matcha taste and go better with alternative milks. Our Superior Ceremonial Matcha pairs best with regular cow’s milk.

You can also use any of our other ceremonial grade matcha blends to make lattes, but it can get very costs very quickly. Most of the nuanced flavors will also be lost amidst the milk and sweetener. It is possible to use our Creative Culinary to make matcha lattes, but we discourage this. You may end up adding more sugar and/or milk to balance the more pronounced bittersweet taste of our Creative Culinary Matcha.

Best way to mix the matcha and water

Where possible, we try to only incorporate tools most people already have in the kitchen. But for this recipe, our recommendation is to mix the matcha and water in a separate bowl using a bamboo whisk. The matcha mixture is quite thick, so shaking it up in a bottle may result in some wastage if you cannot get every drop out easily. We also do not recommend battery-operated frothers because these tend to clump up the matcha. They do best where there is a lower amount of matcha compared to water.

Which milk and sweetener to use

We’ve tested a bunch, our favourite is regular cow’s milk and powdered brown sugar. Of course, this is just our preference. Feel free to swap the type of milk or sweetener if you have dietary restrictions or just simply prefer something else. We have tried this recipe with many other alternative milks (almond, soy, macadamia, oat) as well as other types of sweetener (acacia honey, simple syrup, maple syrup, monkfruit sweetener, stevia. They are all perfectly viable alternatives.

How to make the classic matcha latte

Makes 1 cup


  • 1.5 tsp (3g) of matcha powder
  • 1 oz (30ml) of water
  • 6 oz (170 ml) of cow’s milk
  • 1 tsp of powdered brown sugar


1. Measure out 1.5 tbsp of room temperature water and 1.5 tsp of matcha powder.

2. Add the water and matcha into a bowl and whisk it up using a bamboo whisk.

3. Pour the concentrated matcha shot into your cup. Use a spoon to get all the matcha out. Add 1 tsp of powdered brown sugar (or equivalent if using other preferred sweeteners). Mix well.

4. Heat 6 oz of milk to a temperature of about 150F or 65C. Use an automatic frothing machine if you have one. 

 5. Pour the milk over the matcha mixture and stir well.

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