Hand pouring iced matcha latte into glass

Iced Matcha Latte Recipe

With an eye-catching layer of brilliant green matcha contrasting against a creamy white layer of milk, the iced matcha latte is always a crowd favorite among café drinks. One cup usually costs at least $6 and is often liberally sweetened to cover up any bitterness or earthiness of the matcha. 

What if we told you that iced matcha lattes can be easily made at home, in under a minute? No special skills or equipment needed. You have full control over the strength, type of milk and sweetness level. The best part? One tin of matcha powder can several cups of matcha latte, so the the savings are significant!

Looking for other matcha latte recipes?

We maintain a comprehensive matcha latte guide that explains how you can test different ingredients to fine tune your matcha latte to your exact preferences. Also included are links to all our matcha latte recipes.

Recommended matcha blends for iced matcha latte

The optimal choice is to use either our Superior Ceremonial Matcha or Organic Ceremonial Matcha. These are incredibly versatile blends that allow you to make an affordable matcha latte with reduced levels of sweetener. Just note that the Organic Ceremonial Matcha has an overall lighter matcha taste and go better with alternative milks. Our Superior Ceremonial Matcha pairs best with regular cow’s milk.

You can also use any of our other ceremonial grade matcha blends to make lattes, but it can get very costs very quickly. Most of the nuanced flavors will also be lost amidst the milk and sweetener. It is possible to use our Creative Culinary to make matcha lattes, but we discourage this. You may end up adding more sugar and/or milk to balance the more pronounced bittersweet taste of our Creative Culinary Matcha.

How to mix matcha and water properly

For this specific recipe, we introduce to you a quick, simple and hassle-free way to make an iced matcha latte on the go. This means minimal equipment and ingredients are required.

  • Matcha powder is a suspension, it does not dissolve in water. This means that the powder can still mix well in cold water of lower temperatures.
  • If you are using a bottle to make your iced matcha latte, we recommend the shaking method since all ingredients can be added and mixed in the bottle.
  • You can also use a bamboo whisk to pre-mix your matcha and water if you prefer to add milk directly and skip the shaking method. Note: If you are using a tall glass to make your matcha latte, consider purchasing a longer bamboo whisk. These also come with smaller heads that allow you to whisk your matcha in a smaller bowl/glass.
  • We also do not recommend battery-operated frothers because these tend to clump up the matcha. They do best where there is a lower amount of matcha compared to water. 
  • You may use a blender if you prefer that. We usually avoid blenders because of the extra cleanup required.

An important note about sweeteners

When making cold drinks, it is important to be aware of whether your sweetener will easily dissolve.  For example, regular refined sugar crystals do not dissolve well in cold mediums. For this reason, many people use liquid-based sweeteners such as simple syrup, honey or maple syrup. Our personal favourite is powdered brown sugar. It dissolves easily even in cold water, has brilliant caramel notes and there’s no need to mix it with water beforehand.

An important note about sweeteners

Loose matcha powder does not mix well with milk, so its important to first mix matcha and water before mixing that mixture with milk. To avoid any problems, we recommend you follow the steps set out in the recipe.

How to get that aesthetic, layered effect?

The best way to do this is to mix matcha, water and sweetener before pouring that mixture over iced milk. First, use a bamboo whisk to incorporate matcha powder, water and sweetener into a mixture. Fill a glass cup up with ice and add milk. Pour the sweetened matcha mix into the glass of milk in a slow, steady stream. The matcha mix should suspend above the milk, forming two distinct layers of green and white that gradually mixes over time. Don’t forget to take some pictures before indulging!

pouring matcha mixture into glass layered with milk and ice

How to make the iced matcha latte

Makes 1 cup


  • 2 tsp (4g) of matcha powder
  • 4 tbsp (2 oz/60ml) water
  • 7 oz (approximately 200ml) of milk
  • 1 tsp of powdered brown sugar or equivalent (adjust based on desired sweetness)


Matcha powder in a glass bottle with measuring teaspoon to make iced matcha latte

1. Measure out 2 tsp matcha powder and 4 tbsp water at room temperature (cold water is fine as well) into the bottle.

Hand shaking a glass bottle of iced matcha

2. Cap the bottle and shake thoroughly to obtain a thick and even matcha mix.

Matcha in an uncapped glass bottle with fresh milk in measuring cup and brown sugar 

3. Uncap the bottle and add 200 ml of milk with 0.5 tsp powdered brown sugar or equivalent.

Hand mixing milk and iced matcha in a glass bottle for matcha latte

4. Cap the bottle. Gently shake its contents to mix well.

5. Pour the latte mix over a cup of ice to enjoy.

Hand pouring iced matcha latte into glass

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